Service Options

In-person Therapy:

I provide 60-minute individual therapy sessions to adults ages 18 and up.  Typically, I meet with clients on a weekly basis or every-other-week.  Due to scheduling needs and other factors, this may vary.  We can discuss what works for you.  

Virtual Therapy (Telehealth):

Similar gig as the in-person session (60-minutes), but with the comfort of not needing to leave your home.  We would meet via video sessions through a HIPAA-secure platform.  Telehealth provides more accessibility and means my services can be used by anyone in the state of Pennsylvania.  

Walking Therapy (Ecotherapy):

This doesn’t look much different than the other two options above, except, well, we’ll be walking! We will meet initially in the office to discuss how to protect confidentiality outside of my four office walls, but then we’ll head out the door and have our session in nature.  This can be a great fit if you generally feel more comfortable talking with someone without direct eye contact, or if you just enjoy being outside and moving!

Areas of Focus

Anxiety Therapy: 

Anxiety is the worst. Period. It’s exhausting. It can make us feel sick.  It impacts our sleep.  It can keep us from living our most meaningful lives.  Together we can work on gaining self-insight and building skills for calming your anxious brain and lessening the anxiety you feel in your body.


When you talk to yourself, is your inner voice pretty critical? You’re hard on yourself.  You set higher expectations for yourself than you’d ever put on a friend.  We are often our worst self-critics, and this can often push us into depression, anxiety, or stuckness.  You deserve some kindness and grace.  We’ll work on finding that internal compassionate voice and responding more kindly to your struggles.  

Life Transitions:

It’s easy to get stuck, feel lost, or overwhelmed when we’re not sure what we want next.  Start a new career? Go to Grad School? Start a family? It’s normal to experience a ton of different feelings through these changes, and this can be difficult and confusing.  Or, maybe you’ve just had a big change, and you’re struggling to adjust, too.  Transitions can be tricky.  Whatever you’re feeling…it’s normal! I’ll help process through the swirling in your brain, gain clarity and self-insight, and help you find ways of practicing self-care through this stage of change in your life.

Who am I? 

Who hasn’t asked this question?! It’s easy to believe everyone else has it all figure out.  There’s a good chance, they don’t either.  We’re all doing the best we can day by day.  I enjoy helping clients to get to know themselves better through values and strengths assessments.  We can help you figure out what makes life meaningful for you, and explore if you’re living your life in alignment with those values.  Too often we’re not and this leaves us feeling stuck, but we can help you find how you want to live your life.  This might look like finding your way back to things that worked in the past or discovering new versions of you! 

Grief and Loss:

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one, pet, job, relationship, or opportunity? Loss comes in so many different forms, and for many, often feels lonely and isolating.  I’m happy to be a space for you to talk about your loss and walk with you through your unique experience with grief.


Do you struggle with feeling good enough? Expect yourself to show up perfectly, and feel paralyzed and consumed when you make a mistake? Have lots of ideas and goals for yourself, but struggle with initiating and completing tasks? These are some common struggles for people with adult adhd.  We can find ways to respond more self-compassionately to your inner critic, and develop strategies that help you manage the stress of the aspects of executive functioning that are most difficult for you.  


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Rhonda Myers Counseling

Amy Labagh is a Nationally Certified Counselor working as part of Rhonda Myers Counseling located in Elizabethtown, PA. Amy primarily focuses on individual counseling services while Rhonda Myers specializes in couples therapy.