Therapy for people whose brains need a break

Why won't my brain turn off?!?!! I'm exhausted.

Hey, you! Kudos to you for landing on this page and looking for support. 

That in itself can be hard to do!  I’m wondering if you’re here because you’ve been questioning or doubting parts of yourself recently.  Maybe you find your mind running with questions like: When will my boss find out I’m really an “imposter” and don’t have a clue what I’m doing? Why does everyone else have their life figured out… What am I missing? Why did I just say that “stupid” thing? Do they even really like me? Anxiety is a very skilled liar!

Here’s the thing…

You are doing just fine! Seriously, you really are. It can be easy to fall into the mind-trap of constant self-criticism when things aren’t going as we hoped or we see the “highlights” of other’s lives on social media.  This can often look like worrying about what’s next, doubting our abilities, feeling exhausted (but struggling to shut off the mind for sleep), or feeling generally overwhelmed and discontent. 

I have experience helping clients to walk through these struggles, quiet the mind, gain greater self-love and acceptance, and improve management of stress. I work with adults ages 18+, with a specialized focus working with young adults in their twenties through their forties. With me, you’ll find a non-judgmental space where you’ll feel heard and validated in your emotions.  We’ll work on gaining self-insight, and building up your self-compassionate, calming, and confident voice in response to life’s stressors.

Individual Counseling

I offer 60-minute individual therapy sessions for adults ages 18 & up, with a variety of counseling focuses, including: therapy for anxiety and stress, self-compassion, life transitions, identity development, grief and loss, and adult adhd.  

Walking Therapy

Being in nature offers a lot of great benefits to the therapy process. I appreciate the ways it allows us to connect to the present moment, when our brains can be drawn to past or future worries. I join with clients (rain or shine!) to move our therapy work outdoors.  

Meet Amy Labagh

Hi, I’m Amy! I’m a therapist who didn’t intend to be a therapist. This career path wasn’t even on my radar (well, except for one letter I wrote to myself in the 8th grade, apparently).  I started my first job out of college in property management, and quickly found myself drained by the rigid enforcement of rules with little room for compassion and understanding. I found my way to a career exploration group, took a strengths assessment, and came back with “empathy” as a top strength. It’s no joke when I say that I actually googled “what kind of jobs can you do with empathy”.  Fast forward a few steps, and here we are.

Contact & Appointment Requests

Do you have questions about the available services? Would you like to request an appointment? Get in touch with Amy!


347 South Market Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
(717) 902-9002

Rhonda Myers Counseling

Amy Labagh is a Licensed Professional Counselor working as part of Rhonda Myers Counseling located in Elizabethtown, PA. Amy primarily focuses on individual counseling services while Rhonda Myers specializes in couples therapy.